A New Blog Home

Okay, so this is a bit scary. For so long, we’re talking years here, I have been blogging on various ‘easy’ venues, blogger, weebly, wix, you name it, I’ve tried it, sometimes more than once. This year Aaron and I decided to join forces and contribute to a blog together, and in order to handle that (and some other cool features we wanted to employ) the need arose to move to site that had more capabilities. WordPress was the logical choice. But I must say, it really, really, was (and still is) hard to figure out. Do NOT believe all those people that say “Oh yeah, WordPress is super easy. I had a site up and running within a few minutes.” They’re lying. Either that or they live and breathe this crazy tech stuff and could set up a site in their sleep. But I am far from tech savvy, and I value my sleep.

So here we are. I apologize right now for any construction dust and debris that will inevitably arise as we are still improving the site and working out some kinks. We appreciate your patience!

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