So It Begins. A Tiny House Floor Plan.

It took me a couple of months and dozens upon dozens of sketches to get to a workable floor plan. It was grueling, it really was….I’d get one side, one room, even one corner right, only to find out that it wouldn’t fit or it would be impossible to build. I’m talking 5 to 8 hours a day of frustration. And after all of that, when we thought we had a winner, we were sent the final measurements of the trailer, and realized that the wheel wells were not anywhere we had anticipating them being. So back to the drawing board. Ugh. I had some choice words to say about that.

But I do believe we finally have it all nailed down, well, on paper anyway. If someone points something out that is a flaw, a bad idea, etc., well you know what?….we will make it work, even if I have to move mountains to do it! Our build date is way too close now to make any major changes. So let’s crack on!

A 32' Tiny House On Wheels

Our tiny house is 32′ feet long not including the tongue/hitch. Okay so it’s not really tiny, but still it’s only about 8 feet wide, so I think we qualify as tiny….I know a few people that think we qualify for ‘crazy’, but what are you gonna do, right?

One of the current iffy parts is the side door placement. We needed a regular sized door on the side for bringing in and out large things like furniture, appliances, etc.. But eventually we want to build a portable deck on the side of the house, which would extend the living space on warmer days. The problem is the wheel well is right in the way. Try as we might, we couldn’t get the rooms to rearrange to accommodate the door someplace else. So over the wheel well it’s going. We did a lot of research and figured out a way to install the door above the well, without putting a lot of weight on the well itself, in fact the well will practically be just an anchor, with all the major weight from the door, wall, and roof sitting around it.

We do have some major differences than most (if not all) tiny homes on wheels….for starters, we have an actual entryway instead of the usual front door that leads right into the living room. Two reasons for this: firstly I hate, hate, hate, hate opening the door and people seeing right into the whole house. Did I mention that I hate it?; secondly, I don’t know about where you live, but we are out in the countryside, in a state that rains like 350 days per year (feels like it anyway) which = mud, and lots of it. We have learned the benefits of having a dedicated place to take off wet, muddy shoes and coats without tracking it all about the rest of the house.

Another difference is no loft. Oh man, as much as I dislike the saying of ‘been there, done that‘ it truly fits this scenario. We had a small bedroom loft for 5 years, and small as in you couldn’t stand up in it, for it was only 4’6″ tall at the peak, and accessed by a ladder. I speak from experience. Not my first rodeo. Lofts and ladders in tiny houses are cool for like the first two days. Not to mention that we had the hardest time getting the temp right in such a closed space….as everyone knows, heat rises, and even though we had an awesome air conditioner it was still unbearable in the warmer months, and just slightly less unbearable in the cooler months. I mean someone could pass gas, and we would have to turn on the air conditioner to cool the loft down. So I vowed to never have a small loft ever again. Pull-out bed all the way baby!

I could go on and on about all of the other details, but I will share them in later posts to come, so please stop by for a visit now and then, thanks!


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