Tiny House Layout II

Okay, so, a couple of posts back, I showed you all our floor plan,┬áin which I said that I refuse to be making any changes no matter how many people pointed out to me the folly of doing/constructing something a certain way….I eat a lot of crow. Our original plan was to have the side door over a wheel well. So as has been pointed out repeatedly, that simply wont work, not because of the weight, but rather, because of the height. Long store short, it wont fit. So back to the drawing board for like the hundredth time (no joke), and I think, yes I am almost certain, that we finally have it nailed down.

Trailer Final Layout

We moved the side door to a position in front of the wheels, which sort of forced a shift of the kitchen and the living area, and with moving the kitchen, some changes had to be made to Aaron’s mini office nook as well as mine. All that work because of one stinking door! Oh well. I am not about to say I wont change it again, learned my lesson there, but with our build date a week away, I really don’t want to be making any more changes!

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