Tiny House Build: Day 2

Day two of the tiny house build started with a quick trip into town to purchase more lumber. We thought we would be short about 60 2×4’s so we picked up 65 just to be safe. Better to have too many than not enough.

Work didn’t get underway on the second day until the afternoon, but you would never have guessed it by looking at the tiny house….all four walls were up, and the roof trusses were about to be put on. Honestly, the build was moving along faster than I had ever thought possible. If Aaron and I didn’t have the amazing group of talented friends to help us out, it would have taken the two of us, oh probably a year, to do what they did in just a day and a half!

Framing Of A Tiny House On Wheels

Before the roof framing could be built, we decided to have four 4×4 cedar beams set in so that they would tie in both sides of the tiny house, help keeping the walls pulled in, making in more secure, and to act as supports for the roof as well.

Cedar Beams In A Tiny House

The ridge board is a 34′ LVL. Going with this engineered wood product eliminated the need for joining two 16′ 2×4’s which would have resulted in a major support post in the middle of the kitchen.

Tiny House LVL ridge board

Framework for a Tiny House on wheels

Though we only had our crew for a day and a half, we were blown away by not just the efficiency but also the quality of work everyone put into this. Our hearts were overflowing with love and appreciation! Stay tuned for day 3!….Update: read about day three and four here: Day 3 & 4

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