A Day At The Lane County Fair

We took a much needed break from working on the tiny house and attended the Lane County Fair. The main attraction for us is the animals, like this little cutie pie….

Tiny Goat At The Lane County Fair Oregon

This sweet little baby would.not.stop.munching….drove me nuts because she had such an adorable face but I simply could not get a still photo of her.¬†Between Aaron and I, we took waaaaayyyy more photos than I can share with you here, but I thought I’d show you some of my favorites.

This alpaca was making a cute little whiny sound. I don’t know if it was from stress, a plea for attention, or a warning to stay away or ‘I’m gonna spit at you!’….do they spit? I don’t know. Regardless, who could resist those lovely eyes and funny mop-top!….

2016 Lane County Fair Oregon

This big guy right here was the grand champion, and another one that refused to stand still for a photo. I was surprised I was able to snap this one of him checking out the camera….

Rooster Lane County Fair

You know the expression, ‘bug-in-a-rug’?….ever wondered what a ‘bun-in-a-rug’ looks like?….

2016 Lane County Fair Rabbits

….it’s like someone took a short haired rabbit, and rolled it up in a shag carpet. Doesn’t it?! Either that or that bun stuck a toe in a light socket. And while we are on the topic of strange hair-dos, check out this chick….

2016 Lane County Fair Chickens

….she is what’s called a ‘Silkie’ chicken. I just want to know where the eyes are.

“Hey, how’s it going?”………….

Lane County Fair 2016 Sheep Photo

A county fair would not be complete without horses (also one of my favorites). There is nothing softer in world than the nose of a horse….

2016 Lane County Fair Horses

Towards the afternoon, approaching the heat of the day, it was apparent that some eyes were getting mighty sleepy, starting with these two (tiny donkeys, one of my favorites!)….

Lane County Fair Oregon Donkey's

Piglets Lane County Fair Oregon

Cattle At The 2016 Lane County Fair Oregon

Jersey Calf At The Lane County Fair

With the fair comes the carnival style rides….or ‘Barf Rides’ as Aaron likes to refer to them as. As we value our stomachs, per usual we avoided the rides. However that didn’t stop Aaron from snapping some amazing shots of them….

County Fair Ride The Zipper

The Zipper

County Fair Ride Ferris Wheel Photography

The Ferris Wheel

They make a great addition to his shop, they’re fun, colorful, and different from his usual photography subjects.

Do you like to attend fairs? Do you brave the rides? Or are you like us, more interested in the animals and exhibits?

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