Colors Of A Tiny House On Wheels

Our tiny part of Oregon has been in a heatwave for a couple of weeks now. The thermometer has been reaching a stead 98 degrees, and this week we are supposed to hit 104. I’m not afraid of sweat and hard work, but with absolutely no shade around the tiny house, it’s impossible to work in such heat without risking passing out or heat stroke. So we wait.

In the meantime, I have been planning out the interior and exterior color scheme. While there are a few painted tiny houses on wheels (aka THOW), most builders and owners stay with a more natural woodsy look inside & out. We’re taking the road less traveled and painting ours. I scoured Pinterest for inspiration, and I went through dozens upon dozens of paint chips, enough to annoy Aaron who kept finding the little color samples everywhere. I finally settled on a few shades….I only hope the heat has not impaired my judgment.

Because of the architectural style we are aiming for, I wanted a paint scheme that would compliment it, not detract from it….ever see an old ornate Victorian that is painted builder grade beige? I have, and I wanted to cry. Poor house. We are going for a New Orleans Shotgun style (on the outside)….

Shotgun House In New Orleans

Tiny House In New Orleans

Small Homes In New Orleans


This one, while not a shotgun house, is the color inspiration for our THOW. I knew it the minute I laid eyes on it – ever have a color hit you that way?….

Tiny House Paint Colors


It has everything I was looking for: soft, not glaring or overly bright, kind of beachy, but not too ‘shabby chic’ looking either, and has my two favorite colors in the mix of aqua blues and pale greens. Love it!

I desperately tried to find out about the house, hoping to find an article that might mention what the paint colors were. But my search came up empty. That’s the trouble with Pinterest – you hardly ever know anything about the original photo. So I did the next best thing, I compared paint chips to what I saw on my screen. I tried all sorts of brands, and this is what I came up with….For the walls I am going with Benjamin Moore’s “Soothing Green”….

Benjamin Moore Soothing Green

For the shutters, I actually plan on first painting it a dark shade, distressing it, and then going over it in a lighter shade, distressing it again, then sealing them. The darker shade is Benjamin Moore’s “Anderson Blue”, and the lighter is “Robin’s Nest”….

Benjamin Moore Anderson Blue Paint

Benjamin Moore Robin's Egg Paint

The trim is going to be a creamy white. So together they are going to look something like this….

Colors Of A Tiny House On Wheels

I haven’t decided on whether or not to paint the doors a contrasting color. Part of me (the bold & daring part) thinks it might look amazing, and the other part of me (the be-drab-looking-so-no-one-notices-you part) thinks maybe the doors should stay quiet. Not sure yet who will win this debate. What do you think, should I paint the doors a different color, or keep them white?

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