Building The Tiny House Porch Roof

As I typed the title to this post, I once again thought how much we really need to come up with a name for our tiny house, instead of always calling it ‘the tiny house’….how boring and unimaginative….just a weird side thought….moving on to the point of this post, the weather has finally cooled down a bit, allowing us to get back to work on our project. We were going to start on the long awaited siding install, but then realized that we need to build our porch roof first, not after.

We first framed it on the ground, and then between just the two of us, we hauled it up our ladders to set it in place. That was horrifyingly scary. Aaron had to balance his end of the porch roof on his shoulders while at the same time bolting it into place, while I had to stand on another ladder, holding up my end of the roof with a piece of 2×4 over my head because I am a shorty and couldn’t reach all the way. A few times my end slipped off the 2×4 and I thought that thing was going to come crashing down on me, but Aaron took the brunt of the weight. What a guy 🙂

Building The Roof Of A Tiny House

Building A Porch Roof On A Tiny House On Wheels

Aaron then put two braces on to stabilize it until I can order the side brackets.

Tiny House On Wheels Porch Roof Install

A friend stopped by to check out our porch roof construction skills….

Photograph Of A Grasshopper

Photo OF A Friendly Grasshopper

We had a full sheet of metal roofing left over, so we made use of it on the porch, why not?….we paid for it, and it will match the rest of the roofing on the house….

Tiny House Porch Metal Roofing

Constructing A Porch Roof On A Tiny House On Wheels

New Porch On A Tiny House On Wheels

It sure felt good to get back to work on our home! Now that the extreme heat seems to be over for the season, we have rain in the forecast for the next week or so 🙁 crazy heat one week, crazy rain the next….that’s the Pacific Northwest for ya!

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