Tiny House Siding. Finally!

It’s been 3 months and 10 days since we started the build on our tiny house on wheels, though it feels like it’s been a year already. This past Monday, we finally were able to start siding. It’s.About.Time.

Surprisingly, the siding is pretty easy to install, thank goodness. We first started with our rain-screen, which consist of vertical wood strips 16″ on center, over the studs….

Tiny House On Wheels Rain Screen Install

It creates a small air space so that if water get’s back there, it can drain out, and the wall/siding can dryout as well. Based on really good, and very bad, experiences with a number of houses in the past, we are firm believers in letting houses breathe. It’s a controversial subject among builders, contractors, and homeowners….some of the contractor forums on the web get into some pretty heated ‘discussions’ on it, so I’ll leave it at that. That black netting you see at the top and the bottom are to keep bugs out of that space.

Rain Screen Bug Netting

Rain Screen Netting For A Tiny House On Wheels

After that was installed, we started to cut and screw on the siding. We used a level to make sure the lines didn’t start to migrate. We also made sure to follow the manufactures directions in keeping a gap all the way around, even under the rabbited bevel for expansion/contraction, along with a screw schedule.

Tiny House Red Wood Siding

We decided to use screws because the siding we choice is incredibly thin, and one of the softest woods, so a nailer would just spit and damage the siding. With red wood you have to use stainless steal screws, and so as not to split the wood, we have to drill a pilot hole for every single one of them.

Siding Install On A Tiny House On Wheels

Siding On A Tiny House

Though it looks like it in the photo, no, the house is not crooked – the camera bends and warps images for some reason. Weird. We were only able to get one wall done. There were some tricky parts up and around the porch roof that took a bit of time, and we are still scratching our heads as to that little section above. I think the long sides of the house might go a bit quicker, less cuts are needed – we can simply install the long planks as is. We are not going to wait for all the siding to be done before painting, we decided that while Aaron is at work during the week, I can get a jump start on it, do all of the caulking and painting as each wall is put up.

So yay! Another step closer to our tiny house 🙂

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