Monthly Archives: August 2017

Exterior House Sketches

We have been locked away indoors for a few days now because of the really bad air quality from all the forest fires in our area. Not much work you can do when you can’t breath without coughing and gagging from all of the smoke! Blah! Anyway, as I sit here, waiting for the air to clear, I decided to sketch up a possible plan for the exterior of the house and front yard, which we would like to start on next Spring/Summer.

I don’t know if it’s the same between you and your significant other, but with Aaron I can tell him all the glorious ideas I have for a house project with lots of word pictures and gestures, but after 20 minutes of detailed explanations and nonstop talking on my part, he still doesn’t ‘see’ it. So I decided to sketch it.

Here is my first mockup of the front exterior and yard….

Custom Watercolor House

Notice the low maintenance yard….*swoon*. I hate grass. Actually grass is great in a park, or fields, or some other wild landscape. Just not in my yard. I really want to paint the house white – it’s currently baby blue with darker baby blue trim. Nice. Not. The wood garage door is probably just a fantasy, but a girl can dream can’t she?