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Home Improvement When You Don’t Own A Truck

Home Improvement when you don’t own a truck is hard. It’s even harder when you have a tiny spit of a car. If we had an SUV, that would be more doable, but a tiny Kia???? At the top of our to-do list is the laundry room, which needs a lot of help. On our very first trip to the local home improvement store, we gathered everything we’d need to give the laundry a face-lift.

Buying Supplies For Home Improvement Project

And this photo is missing the three sheets of backerboard for the flooring too! It was only after we purchased everything and made our way out to the car, did we stop to question if we could fit it in our car lol. It took some finagling, but amazingly we managed to get it all in there with lots of room to spare.

Hauling Wood With A Tiny Car

Although we did have to position the wood up on the dashboard in order to get the trunk closed. Here is a tip for fellow wood hauling tiny cars: your sun shield makes for an excellent cushion to protect your dashboard!….

Transporting Wood In A Tiny Car

We have already started the laundry room project, so stay tuned for step-by-steps, and of course before & afters! 🙂