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A Change In Direction. And Housing!

Some of you may have noticed a name change to this site. We started this blog with the intention of documenting our adventures in France, hence the blog name ‘A French Reverie‘ which means ‘daydream’. We had planned and made arrangements for over a year to relocate to that beautiful country that we consider ‘home’. We even sold our house to help fund the move! But when it came time to chat with the French Consulate in San Francisco to apply for our visas, it was next to impossible for Aaron to get a self-employed work visa. As we are a far cry from being independently wealthy, we really needed income while living there. Sure it would be awesome to stroll the Parisian open air markets, perusing 16th century antiques without a financial care in the world….with a baguette under my arm. But that’s only in movies. Thanks a lot Hollywood.

A Story About Not Moving To France

I cannot even begin to express how utterly depressed we were for months. After the roller coaster of emotions: a bit of crying, fueled by chocolate, and made worse by listening to my favorite French music, I decided the cafe au lait had been spilled, so no point in weeping over it. It was time to get out the roll of Bounty paper towels and clean up the mess, and the site name got wiped up in that as well.

The biggest issue was where to live now that we sold our home. We had twice already given into the ‘American Dream’ of being tied to a mortgage, property taxes, surrounded by neighbors that liked to use our driveway for their fireworks which they never cleaned up, and constant repairs and yard work. No thanks. Never again. The apartment scene was another one we are loath to repeat – I have personally lived in over 12 apartments….I could write a horror novel about it. So this left only three options: become Full Time RV’ers, build a tiny house on wheels, or take up a naturalist lifestyle hiding out on government land, eating twigs and moss, living with the frogs, in the nude.

As we are currently living in an RV, I can tell you, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be in those Youtube videos that show happy couples going on and on about leading a more simple life. Oh heck no. Sorry, but there is nothing simple about living in an RV. But I will save that story for another time. And with my unnatural fear of ticks, living in the woods in the nude was out of the question as well 😉  So that left one choice: build a tiny house on wheels.

As France has said ‘no’ to us, this is our new direction, and subsequently the new direction for this blog. The name Tiny & Tea was inspired partly because of the soon to be tiny house, but also because of our small adventures: neither of us are big time adventures like Indiana Jones, but we do have our stories to tell. The ‘tea’ part? I seriously love herbs in a  cup!, and the warm cozy drink helps when the adventure doesn’t go as planned…. I drink a lot of tea. So stay tuned! Thanks!