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Goodbye RV Living. Hello Apartment Dwelling.

Yes, you read that title right. After 1 year and 4 months of living in this RV, we are finally moving out. The plan was to move directly from the RV into the tiny house once we completed it. Unfortunately, the tiny house isn’t finished and the RV is just no longer working out for us – time and money spent on RV upkeep should be going to the Tiny House – can’t do both anymore. To top it off, with winter bearing down on us, I loath having to go through yet another cold, wet winter in here. Full timing is so NOT what it’s made out to be. It really, truly isn’t. Granted our fifth wheel is not meant for full timing, it’s not like it’s a fancy DRV fifth wheel or anything. But still, even in a DRV I don’t think I would ever want to repeat this experience. So the only option was to rent an apartment.

I found an apartment, and Aaron, good man that he is, trusted my judgement and signed the lease without even seeing the place first. When he finally did see it, he snapped some pics, so here you go….

One Bedroom One Bath In Apartment

Taken from the living room, facing the front door. That’s the whole kitchen area. Big enough for an island. So excited!

Open Apartment Kitchen

Another view of the kitchen. Not a whole lot of counter space, just a bit more than our RV actually, but that’s okay, that’s what an island is for 🙂 So excited!

Stainless Steal Appliances In An Oregon Apartment

Oh.My.Goodness……..REAL appliances! So excited!

One Bedroom Apartment In Oregon

The bedroom is small, but not. If that makes much sense. Totally big enough for us, and our small Full sized bed. Yes, that’s right, for several years now we have been happily sleeping on a Full. As a side note, when we stay in a hotel on trips and the bed is a King, I feel so lost, like Aaron is a mile away 🙁

Oregon Apartment Living Room

Living room. Nice 10 foot ceilings. So excited!

Front Load Washer And Dryer In Apartment

And last but not least, a full size, front load washer and dryer. Still kind of excited….those washers scare me, after all the reviews I have read about mold. Ick. But at least I’ll be able to get ALL of the laundry done. Right now my little portable washer can handle like a single pair of jeans, and one sock. It’s pathetic, but it works. And holy cow….that’s a 65 gallon hot water heater!….right now in the RV we have 9 gallons….I’ll just let that sink in for a moment……….yeah, I know.

The apartment is somewhere around 660 square feet. Others may think it’s tiny, but hey, try living in 300 sqft RV for over a year, and then try telling me how tiny this apartment is. Speaking of tiny, we’ll still be working on the Tiny House every spare moment we have, that is the goal, as of right now, and we are going to try and sell the RV now that we are not going to need it.

All the decor items I have been slowing gathering for the tiny house, I’ll put to use in the apartment. Why not, right? So stay tuned, lots more photos coming soon 🙂