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The Tiny House Build: Day 5, 6, and 7

The building of this tiny house on wheels is all starting to be a blur, one day blending into the next, and it feels like there is nothing in between the work. Our bodies are feeling it. In one week, so much has been accomplished. The rest of the hurricane clips/straps have been installed, that required so much hammering, I just couldn’t do it, so Aaron made quick work of them….

Hurricane Straps on framing of a tiny house

Aaron and I built the boxes over the wheel wells and I stuffed them with insulation….

Box Framing Wheel Wells In A Tiny House

Then I stuffed insulation into them (sorry for the blurry photo….I’m tired) and then we nailed down a wood top or ‘lid’ to close it all up….

Insulating the wheel wells of a tiny house

We built the room that is for the hot water tank….

Hot Water Tank Room Framing for a Tiny House

Framing of utility room tiny house

access door to hot water heater room tiny house

Throughout the day we have a friend that stops by to say hello, which always makes us smile no matter how tired and sore we are feeling….

Tiny house and a dog

And a plethora of bugs to keep it interesting….

Bugs in a tiny house

We finally were able to get started on the roof. We have to do it backwards: the ceiling panels go up first, then we put the insulation in, then we cap it with the roof sheathing….

Ceiling and roofing in a tiny house

Sheep Wool insulation in a tiny house

A tiny house with wood ceiling panels

Then on Saturday, day 7, it was 96 degrees, so we got started around 7:30 AM and quit at 2:00 PM, it was just too hot under that metal shed. But we managed to finish off some small fiddly trim pieces that we were putting off, such as the peaks of the gable….

Sheathing of a tiny house

We both were not feeling well because of the heat, so we took the opportunity of quitting early in order to make a run to the hardware store for supplies, which had the benefit of staying in air conditioning. Today, Sunday, day 8, is supposed to be even hotter. Oh joy.

Update: Day 8