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Tiny House Doors!

Just a quick post…. I was so happy, I just had to share! We got all of the tiny house doors installed today and everything completely flashed and weather tight. But the best part?….we have door handles! I know-I know, it’s not like door handles are anything to get excited about. But I wont let anyone rain on my crazy parade đŸ˜‰

Check ’em out….

Door Hardware For A Tiny House On Wheels

The front door (above) is 30″ wide. The side door is 36″ wide. We went with the larger door on the side of the house for the purpose of bringing in and taking out large items such as furniture or appliances, if need be – it’s not like we own large pieces of either anyway, but you never know….

Glass Side Door In A Tiny House

Tiny House Glass Door

Like I said, not terribly exciting, but it’s another step closer to our tiny house becoming a home đŸ™‚    You can read about the first day of construction here: Day 1