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Winter Is Finally Here. And I Hate It.

Well, here we are. It’s the end of November and the weather has been bitterly cold, the low 20’s at night. With December right around the corner, we have been gearing up for the really cold weather. Those of you that have followed us here from our old blog may remember that we had been planning for over a year now to move overseas and recently sold our home as a step towards that goal. Well, unfortunately, the visas we were applying for are beyond our grasp šŸ™ We are still relocating, just not overseas. We went through the usual emotions of depression followed by resignation. But we couldn’t spend too much time feeling sorry for ourselves as the supposed ‘temporary’ homeĀ that was only to be for as long as it took to get our visas,Ā has now become our much longer temporary home since the visas fell through.

Yes, I’m talking about the ‘beast’, our 37′ fifth wheel that we introduced you to on the old blog. We don’t want to buy another house, and we hate renting. So for right now, this is where we’re at. BUT!….we do finally have plans set for our next big move, and thankfully it will not be including this RV. This thing is justĀ not meant for living in. And that’s putting it mildly. Next to nothing in the way of insulation, single pane windows, no washer/dryer hook ups, and parked in a spot that has not enough electricity to power hardly anything inside.

With winter bearing down on us and our next move isn’t until the Spring, Aaron and I had to act fast to weatherize this place as much as we could. Hopefully it’ll help keep us somewhat warm. We skirted the underside with rigid foil backed insulation boards, and tarped the front. We put vent cushions up inside the vents, purchased a heated drinking hose, switched out the thin sewage hose with abs pipes and we are burning through propane for the furnace like it’s going out of style.

The beast in all her glory….

Living Full Time In Toy Hauler

I know that there will be lots of hot chocolate drinking around here this winter!