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The Tiny House Roof Is Finished

….well, almost. The gable ends need to be trimmed and the ridge cap needs a handful of screws, but other than that, it is finally done. Since it’s been over a month (two months?) of working only on the tiny house roof, I am sooooooo beyond ready to get moving on something else, like the siding.

If you remember this post, we hit a major snag with the roof. Then in this post, we began the task of correcting what we did wrong. This past weekend we made a big push to get the roof 99.9% completed, we worked at it late into the evening – we didn’t even stop to have dinner until after 9 PM! One of the last things to do before closing up the roof with the cap, was a bug screen needed to be put over the vent….

Vented Roof Of A Tiny House On Wheels

….as you can see, yes, the insulation is still in there, and no we haven’t tackled that venting problem yet. All the insulation has to be removed from the inside. We’ll get to it eventually đŸ˜‰

And here is the roof with ridge cap in place….

Metal Roof Of A Tiny House On Wheels

Yay! We finally have a roof!….I don’t ever want to ‘roof’ anything ever again, not even a little dog house. Between hauling, cutting, and installing huge metal panels, ordering the incorrect ridge cap, hauling said caps all over town to and from the store, no sir, this was my first and last metal roof. If we ever need another roof, we’ll pay a roofer to do it!