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The Tiny House Build: Day 1

When you are going to start any kind of adventure, it’s important to have a good nights rest the night before. I never can sleep the night before a big trip, but this is just building a tiny house, not a trip  so you would think I could sleep right? Aaron and I tried, but our sleep seemed to be doomed from the get go. I had injured my leg earlier in the day, and so I couldn’t find a sleeping position where it didn’t hurt, kept me awake for hours. Then the smoke detector decided that it was the perfect time for the battery to go out, and so that thing chirped at us every 10 minutes. I got 3 hours of sleep. But adrenaline is a funny thing, it can make you feel like you had 10 hours of sleep and are raring to go. We were on the job site at 7 AM: Aaron to help as part of the building crew, and I was to help cook the meals to keep the crew fed throughout the day.

Tiny House Crew

Before commencing work, I had everyone there who had a hand in the project, sign their name in the bed of the trailer. Sort of like time capsule fashion.

Tiny House Builders

We wanted a thermal barrier between the metal and the wood, so we used the same stuff that is for creating a barrier between concrete foundations and wood framing.

Tiny Trailer Thermal Barrier

We are using the sandwich system with the floor which consists of plywood, floor joists with insulation, then capped with tongue and groove plywood.

Sub Floor Of Tiny House

Floor Joists Of Tiny House

Sheep Wool Insulation Tiny House

Tiny House Sub Floor

Our insulation may look a bit unusual, it has sort of a ticker tape parade vibe going doesn’t it? It sheep wool, some of it right off the sheep and some of it from local wool mills, hence the funky colors. We sourced it from Oregon Shepard, located in Portland Oregon. After researching insulation in preparation for this build, I was more than a bit horrified by the major chemicals in them. And considering I have pretty bad allergies, I wanted to go with something more natural. Try as we might, we cannot go full-on chemical free in this build, but where possible { i.e. within in means financially, as well as locally available} we made some healthier choices.

One of the tricky parts was building around the wheel wells, as they cannot take much if any weight. But the guys did an outstanding job of building a beefy wall/roof support over both. It may look like the all that wood weight is on them, but it’s actually barely touching it!

Framing Wheel Wells Of Tiny House

Detail Of Framing Wheel Wells

It was amazing to see the first wall go up. Our crew is the very best, a wonderful group of family and friends!

First Wall Framing Of Tiny House On Wheels

By the end of the day, they had all four walls up! Stay tuned for more photos!….Update: Read about Day Two here: Day 2