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RV Laundry Adventures Part II

Okay, I promise this will be the last post I do on our laundry setup in the beast. The thought that this might be of help to fellow RV’ers or those living off the grid is the reason I am subjecting you all to this second installment of all things dirty clothes.

So in my previous post, I showed you our cumbersome laundry facility that we rigged up. Well, wouldn’t you know it, as soon as we got the old washer hooked up and running, it decided to die. In the 19+ years that we have been married, we have gone through a large number of washing machines. It’s like we have this knack for picking the lemons. Truly. Every washer we have ever had has always started to fizzle out within the first year. It’s not like we are hard on them or anything. Just lemons.

So this time, I refused to spend hundreds of dollars on another lemon. And when I say lemon I mean all washing machines that have a motor and/or electrical parts. We went with the ‘Lehman’s Handwasher‘. It’s human powered. And best part is, if something breaks on it, the local home improvement center will have the parts to fix it.

I was going to take video of the fist load of laundry in our new washer, but I cannot find the video camera, so photos will have to do….

(It’s so dark in here in winter, please excuse the poor quality photos)

The washer tub is deceivingly large. It looks like it’ll hold only a few things, but I can fit two sets of queen sheets in here easy. A king sized blanket, etc.. For the inaugural wash, I did kitchen and bath linens….

Human Powered Washing Machine

It has a wringer on one end to wring the water out – kind of like the spin cycle in a regular washer….
Lehomans Washing MachineThe washer came with an on/off valve for emptying the water….

Hand Washing Machine by Lehmans

I just have a hose connected to the kitchen sink to fill the tub with water. There is a clear plastic lid that fits over the tub to keep water from splashing out. All one has to do is pull/push the handle to rock the agitator inside to wash clothes. It’s super easy. We have a tiny little pump on the counter that pumps the water out of the tub and drains into the kitchen sink. I usually do one wash and one rinse, but sometimes I’ll do an extra rinse for those times I used too much soap.

How To Manually Fill Washer With Water

I would have taken more photos, but I was sort of busy washing 😉 But there are videos on youtube of others using this washer if you’re interested in seeing it in action.