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Miniature Canvas Paintings

When it’s a downpour outside for 3 days, in the middle of summer no less (welcome to the Pacific Northwest) one cannot work on a roof, so completion of the metal panels for the tiny house on wheels will have to wait for drier weather. It was actually a bit nippy yesterday, to the point that the thought of staying inside, under a blanket, watching a movie while sipping a cup of cocoa crossed my mind once or twice. It’s almost the middle of JULY for goodness sakes! Some kind of summer we’re having!

Instead of a lazy weekend fueled by hot cocoa, I worked on four new miniature paintings that measure 3×3. I have been trying to keep the items in my shop under a certain dimension to make it easier to package and ship, not to mention that when living in an RV and soon to be moving into a tiny house on wheels, storage space will be at a premium, so shipping supplies have to be kept small too.

Mini Canvas Paintings

A little stone cottage in the woods.

Miniature Canvas Painting

A house in a foggy forest.

Miniature Canvas Painting

A thatched cottage in the forest.

Miniature Canvas Painting

And a swamp shack in the Bayou.

I have six more to finish, but those are even smaller, at only 2×2! It’s nice to have a slight reprieve from working so hard on the tiny house, but I am more than ready for some sunshine and warmer weather, preferably before the summer is totally gone!