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A Day Of Handmade Art

I took a much needed break from working on our house remodel to spend a couple of days pursuing my passion of creating art. I was tired of the only paint spilled on my clothes being that of wall paint, instead of lovely acrylic paint dripping off of a canvas. As many of you know I run the Etsy shop The Little Grey Rabbit, and because this house is a time suck, I have severely neglected my small art corner of the world.

I put on some relaxing music (thank you Youtube for awesome playlists), and gathered all my art supplies. By the end of the two days, I finished these….

Big Sky Painting

Not yet listed in my shop as I am waiting on Aaron to help me take better photos of it. A landscape done in acrylic on a 16×20 canvas panel. Kind of difficult to see (hence the need for Aaron the professional photographer to help me) but I used a bit of yellow, orange and pink for a sunrise/sunset scene. I love serene images, where you can look at it and almost feel the breeze, hear the birds off in the distance, and smell the grass…. *sigh*     Okay, moving on….

Mini Shadowbox Art

I completed three miniature shadowboxes, all with tiny clay houses in them. As soon as I listed them in my shop, one of them sold, yay! (thankful because I need to buy more house paint lol!). Finally, as I have had requests lately for more mini canvas paintings, I created this set of a barn in all four seasons….

Barn Paintings

Country Barn Art

Now, it’s back to the grind this weekend. Back to fixing plumbing problems, crawling under the house to locate pipes, painting walls, and laying floorboards 🙂