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New Orleans Watercolor

I took some much needed time off from the tiny house build to work on some art projects. Having some balance is necessary, for if I spend every spare moment working only on the house, I’ll go crazy. If you want to check out the house build from the very beginning, here is Day One.  So I thought I’d show you my latest New Orleans watercolor in progress 🙂

New Orleans Watercolor

I love the architecture of New Orleans. In fact I am drawn to the Big Easy for reasons that are a mystery even to myself. The architecture, the food, the music, on and on. Every once in a while I wonder if there is some sort of family history or connection to the city that could explain the fascination I have with it. Who knows.

I also was able to work in a small acrylic painting too of a dark seascape….

Dark Seascape Miniature Painting

Believe it or not, this actually started out with very light colors, more of a late afternoon seascape, but as I kept layering on the paint and blending shades, I saw more of a night scene showing through, so I went with it.

I have dabbled with my paintbrushes enough for one day, now it’s back to work on the tiny house 😉