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Tiny House On Wheels Siding Is Complete!

….well……on only two sides that is. We had completed the siding on the front door end of the tiny house some time ago. Weather has been making it rather hard to move forward with the rest of the siding, but we recently had a break in the rain, and for four days Aaron and I did nothing but install siding. It was chilly out but sunny, so can’t complain, much.

In those four days we were able to complete one whole side of the house….

Completed Siding On A Tiny House On Wheels

Two friends of ours lent a hand towards the end of the day which really helped us crank out the siding on this side.

Redwood Siding On A Tiny House On Wheels

Don’t let the clear blue sky fool you….this photo was taken as the sun was setting, and it was pretty chilly out, despite working hard, I wore my jacket and a knit cap most of the day.

On the last day we were able to make it half way up on the opposite wall….

Rain Screen And Siding On A Tiny House

And now, we need a bit of a break. Our brief respite from the weather was just that, brief. We had to tarp the entire house and batten down the hatches for a thunder/lightning and high wind storm that was supposedly blowing in later that night. Ever try to pull a 30′ x 40′ tarp over a 12′ tall long building?….it wasn’t fun. Another step closer to a real house 🙂 If you want to see where it all started, here is Day 1 of the build.