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Rustic Magnet Gift For Rhett And Link

I don’t know if this will change how some of you view me 😉 but I’m a huge fan of Rhett & Link, ‘Internetainers’ found on Youtube. I have been watching them for several years now, and while I could go on and on about the hilarity that ensues everyday on their morning show ‘Good Mythical Morning’, aka GMM, I’ll just let you experience it for yourself. Look them up, you wont regret it 🙂

A few months ago I was sitting here crafting some clay magnets for my Etsy shop with GMM playing in the background, and the thought occurred to me, ‘why not make Rhett and Link some magnets?’ After all, they do start my day off with laughter, which I am truly grateful for, so why not show my appreciation?

If you notice their studio where they record the show, it has a woodsy mural on the wall, and because they are guys, which should equal masculine (I wasn’t about to send them mini cottage magnets), and Rhett likes wood items, I decided to craft their names to look like carvings in tree bark. I included a bit of ‘moss’ for effect. From start to finish it took me about a week to craft them. I am not sure they liked them though….I’m guessing they didn’t as I never heard anything from Rhett or Link or their crew. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts right? (photo of magnets taken by my husband Aaron of Vivid Voyage Photography)……..

Hand Crafted Rhett and Link Magnets