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Tiny House On Wheels Kitchen

Did you ever see that Kohler commercial some years back (link to it on Youtube at the bottom of this post), of a very posh looking couple walking into an architects office, and the super sophisticated architect asks the couple what it is he can do for them, and the wife puts a bathroom faucet on his desk and says ‘Design a house around this’ looking all serious. Okay so that may seem pretty silly, and yeah, I said aloud ‘Who does that?! Uh, no one!” with an eye roll thrown in. But I have had to eat crow on so many occasions in the past that I should have one of those hand stamped forks you see on Etsy that says “Crow”. Yes (head down in shame), I have fallen for one particular design element, and from it the entire decor has sprung. Only it’s not a faucet….it’s worse….it’s a wall light. Don’t judge me.

I love cruising Pinterest for design and color ideas for our kitchen, which is when I saw the light – I don’t mean an amazing revelation or enlightenment, I mean an actual light fixture. Then that light led to more design ideas….

Pinterest Kitchen Ideas

{Source: left photo, middle photo, bottom photo}


……which naturally led to even more ideas for the rest of the house….Does anyone else get on Pinterest to just look something up real quick while cooking and then before you know it, 30 minutes have flown by and though you now have a pin board with 20 awesome pics, your lunch is now burned to the pan? Or is it just me?

Rustic House Ideas

{source: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right}

If you’re thinking ‘this is a small amount of inspiration pics, that’s not so bad’……haha, you are very sweet. Embarrassingly I must admit, I have a number of pinterest accounts, along with many folders saved on my computer crazy full of design and decor ideas. It took self control to not throw all of them at you in this post 😉  It’s always amusing to look back through the older pins and folders to see the styles I was ‘in-to’ years back – I sure do find a whole lot of ‘what was I thinking?!’.

Kohler commercial on Youtube