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Tiny House Build: Day 3 & 4

In this post I am combining day three and four of our tiny house build because both days we were doing the same thing: sheathing. As we could only have our crew for Saturday and Sunday, we are on our own now, so it took the two of us two days to get all the walls sheathed. As a side note: Aaron chopped off his hair in preparation for hot days full of construction dirt….makes me sad, I miss his hair 🙁

Plywood sheathing on a tiny house

We decided to go with plywood and not OSB, and goodnight are those panels heavy!! We both were in so much pain at the end of day 3, I sat there at the foot of the bed, mouth gaping open with a pool of drool forming around my bottom teeth – I was too exhausted to even close my mouth. When the lights went out and my head hit the pillow, I was out.

Plywood Wall Sheathing For A Tiny House On Wheels

Most panels went up pretty smoothly. The window and door cutouts were easy, thank goodness, but naturally there were a few hiccups. The mill didn’t cut the boards correctly (every single one was cut uneven) so we spent a great portion of the time trimming boards.

Tiny House Sheathing

By 6:00 PM on day four, I was ready to hang up the tool belt and go home. My back was hurting so bad I could scream, my feet throbbed, and I stupidly put on sunscreen even though I know I am allergic to it, and broke out in a terrible itchy rash. Done. Done. Done. Done.

Tiny house on wheels framing and sheathing

Despite the pain and pure exhaustion we both are experiencing, we got every single wall sheathed and every opening cutout. Next is finish attaching hurricane clips and start sheathing the roof. I am not looking forward to that…………Update: read about days five thru seven here: Days 5 – 7