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Our Redwood Siding For The Tiny House

Well, our siding for the tiny house was delivered yesterday. We had searched high and low for redwood lap siding. While out here in the sticks of Oregon we are surrounded by lumber mills, and I called all of them, no one could seem to get their hands on any redwood. There is one guy in the next town over of Eugene, OR, who is the ONLY redwood siding dealer around. I wont go into details, but let me just say, he is not a nice man. I’ll leave it at that. So I had to order the siding from out of state. I found Redwood Lumber & Supply Co┬áin California. They can mill these thin, light, but beautiful, boards. When weight is an important factor in a tiny house on a trailer, this was one of the most important things to get right. After about 3-1/2 weeks our siding was delivered yesterday. It was all joy and excitement when the ABF truck pulled up the driveway. When the driver opened the slide-up door, the joy meter made a loud thud as it hit rock bottom. I swear it’s was an audible thud….ABF Shipping Damage

Shipping Damage By ABF

The driver said that he damaged the crate our siding is in when he was loading it from a loading dock. It looked like it was totally dropped from off a forklift, the crate was busted open on all 6 sides, with broken crate pieces and nails sticking out every which way. The only thing keeping it together was the metal straps of which some were also snapped off. Much of our lovely siding had shifted, and naturally there were a number of broken pieces. The driver kept assuring us over and over (before we had even got the boards out) that the siding was ‘just fine’. It was pretty obvious by his demeanor and nervous talking that he was trying to cover his rear-end. As you can see from the photos, the driver also made the mistake of putting the crate on it’s side, which further caused damage.

After chatting via email with Keith over at the mill after the fact, apparently ABF was supposed to give us some paperwork to note the damage on and have the driver sign it as well, or else ABF cannot be held accountable for the damage. Guess what? We asked for the paperwork, but the driver said that there wasn’t any – that all we are provided is an electronic handheld signature pad, that only had room for one signature.

We had been had. Shame on ABF.

The driver knew he had damaged it, he told us he had done it, but yet he still came out here to deliver it without bringing along the proper paperwork for reporting the damage.

Okay, so let me say, I know that I am not that old, but I do believe that I am old enough to say ‘I remember back in the day when….’. In this instance, I remember back in the day when companies and manufacturers still took pride in not only their work, the products they were manufacturing, the services they were providing, but also in giving amazing customer service. Seems nowadays everything has turned topsy-turvy, and people have lost their minds.

This tiny house on wheels project has truly tested our diplomacy and our sanity, and we haven’t even started the build yet….{48 hours until launch….eeek!!}. At this point, Aaron and I cannot afford to get all worked up over other peoples lack of professionalism. Call it self preservation if you will. As we say in our household ‘Let’s crack on!’.