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Securing Your Tiny House On Wheels

How to make your tiny home pinch-proof from thieving cowards….if I could have a 24 hour security guard with a little bullet proof guard house, and maybe throw in a doberman pinscher for dramatics, I’d probably be pretty satisfied. But I’m too cheap to pay for a guard, too lazy to build a bullet proof building, and I love animals too much to let a sweet dobie sit outside all night. So we have to go with more conventional means of securing our tiny home. And securing it we must. We have read some horror stories of thieves just hooking up and driving off with other peoples homes! It happens quite a bit with RV’s so why not a Tiny House On Wheels?

The main objective is to keep people from even hooking up to your trailer coupler – if they can’t hook up, it ain’t roll’n anywhere! Here is a pretty awesome lock called the Coupler Vault Pro by Mega Hitch….

Mega Hitch Coupler Lock

The company has a few Youtube videos where you can see it in action, from taking a beating here, and an eyeopening video of how other locks stood up to the same beating here.

But what if you have an adjustable coupler? You can put any number of coupler locks on, but if a thief removes two little bolts, they can easily and quickly remove the coupler with the coupler lock still on it! Then with yours out of the way, all they would have to do is put on their own coupler, hook up and drive off. Adjustable coupler?….then you need something similar to the Kraken Lock….

Adjustable Coupler Lock

It’s designed to not only lock in your coupler, but it covers the remaining bolt holes on one side as well, so no one is going to hook up anything to it.

Another good way to keep the dirty jerks from driving down the road is a wheel lock or boot. There are a bunch on the market, but the two we really liked are the Brahma Wheel Lock and the California Immobilizer, both of which cover the lug-nuts so that the tire cannot just be taken off with the lock still on it….

Brahma Wheel Lock

Wheel Lock

If you decided like us to have heavy duty jacks, lock them up! People will walk off with those as well. Of course it depends on what kind of jacks your trailer has. Simply take the top pins out and replace with a trailer receiver lock such as this one from MasterLock….

MastLock Trailer Lock

By locking them in place not only are you making it difficult for the jacks to be stolen, you are also making it harder to steal the whole trailer as well.

So okay, what if some crazy fool actually manages to cut through all these locks, and drives off with your home? That’s where a GPS system comes into play. There are a few options out there on the market to choose from such as the DeWalt Mobile Lock. To be honest, none of the system seem to have outstanding reviews, so just like the locks, nothing is fool-proof. But the gist of it is, you place a GPS system hidden somewhere inside the tiny house, thereby making it possible to track – you get your home back and the thieves (hopefully) get caught.

Then there is a smattering of other more simple, less expensive preventatives such as window and door alarms; or my personal favorite: the biggest pair of grungy men’s work boots you can find along with a HUGE dog bowl personalized with the name ‘Killer’ both sitting on the front porch (even if you don’t have a dog….or a man with really big feet), along with one of these signs….

Funny Beware OF Dog Sign


Beware OF Dog Funny Signs


Funny Beware Of Dog Sign


Another tip: lock up your safety chains, there have been reports of thieves ignoring the coupler lock and simply dragging a trailer off by the safety chains!

I cannot guarantee that any of these will work for your situation, but it’s just some suggestions to help you in your search. For us to have scouted out all these various ways to secure your tiny house, by now you are probably wondering what kind of neighborhood we live in lol. It’s not that bad, but right now we have 8 different trailer locks all around. We plan on at least 2 – 3 more plus a GPS security unit hidden inside. On top of which we will be putting alarms on all doors and windows. Fort Knox?