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Tiny House Build: Day 8

Sunday was day 8 of the tiny house build, and it was a yet again another scorcher with temps nearing 100 degrees. After going non-stop on this build for a week, there was no way we could push another full day out of ourselves in such horrible weather. Our area was upgraded from a heat advisory to a heat warning lasting until 10:00 PM Sunday night! We made it a half day: working in the morning hours, and then making supply runs into town in the afternoon. While Aaron measured out cuts on the last four panels for the roof and ceiling, I sealed up the tricky space between the wall sheathing and wheel wells….

Tiny house trailer  wheel well sealantIt’s clear (the shiny stuff where the wood meets metal), bonds to just about anything, remains flexible and is waterproof….and is a pain in the rear end to work with too! We had some pretty gnarly gaps in the wood {oops} that were a bit too big for the sealant, and yet still too small to cut and fit a puzzle piece of wood in them. So after standing there scratching my head for a moment or two, I decided to just use more sealant 😉

waterproofing wheel wells on a tiny  house trailer

The wheel wells are a huge concern when it comes to water penetration, especially if the siding is not going to cover/go past the wells like ours. A great place for water to stand and cause capillary action – where water gets to the bottom edge of the siding, and then wicks right up the backside. How this defies gravity I’ll never understand, but it does, so the sealant is just one step in waterproofing this section. We will also be attaching metal flashing so any water that does drip down the siding will be directed away from the wall, the sealant is just a secondary safeguard.

Aaron pointed out that we were remiss in snapping photos of the ceiling panels from the direction of the front door the other day, so he took one….

Plywood ceiling panels in a tiny house on wheelsOnly half done. Four panels down, four to go. The roof and ceiling is proving to be the hardest physically – those panels may be thin, but they are not all that lightweight, and the roof sheathing is 1/2″ thick plywood that measure 4′ x 8’….try lugging that up 12 feet high with just two people, one of whom is a girl.

As mentioned, Sunday was unbearably hot, so in order to stay cool we did numerous spray-downs with the garden hose, getting drenched to the point it looked like we had jumped into a pool. Every time we went out back to the hose, the pigs would come running, plop into their mud pit, and beg to be sprayed. We were happy to oblige….

Pigs in their mud pit

Hosing down pigs

Then they would get up when they had enough of a shower, and then try to lick the spray….

Watering pigs

Muddy pigs

On Monday I cannot tell you how nice it was to get a break from the construction work. The weird thing is though, I felt more sore and had a head/neck ache from getting back to my desk job….I don’t think I had either a neck-ache or headache the entire week we were working on the tiny house build, even though I was lifting lumber, and doing all sorts of strenuous jobs. We start again this coming weekend, so stay tuned! Thanks!