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Our Tiny House On Wheels Has Moved!

For those that are following this blog, you may recall that we had to move our tiny house on wheels this past Sunday. The move went very well, in fact it was smoother than when we had the fifth wheel relocated twice: the RV tipped on it’s side and hit a tree, then it crashed onto the bed of the tow vehicle, breaking the tailgate….I don’t remember what I said when all that happened, but I’ll admit I do remember that it wasn’t lady-like.

Our Tiny House On Wheels Moved….Down An Actual Road!

I don’t have any photos of the tiny house move, as I was in charge of being the follow car with my hazard lights on, and I don’t take photos while driving. Not that I would have been able to anyway even as a passenger, as I was so freaked out seeing my house going down the road for the first time, a narrow road at that. I swear I held my breath every time I saw the back wheels inches away from the ditch. But someone did happen to take video, so I’ll try and get my hands on that soon.

There was just enough space next to our RV to park the tiny house parallel to it. It’s so close that I can practically step from the door of the RV in through the door of the tiny house without touching the ground. This is now our view from the bedroom….

Tiny House On Wheels

….and our view from the kitchen….

Tiny House On A Trailer

Speaking of the kitchen….Aaron and I have spent the last month working on the tiny house every minute we could, so things at home sort of took a backseat, like laundry, dishes, cleaning, you know, the not-so-fun stuff. The house is not quite to the level of ‘ick’, but it has definitely gotten out of hand. So we have taken a short break from working on the tiny house, in order to work on cleaning up the dirty house. I thought I might show you a photo of the laundry pile of which I lovingly refer to as ‘Mount Everest’….it’s that unbelievably big….but I figured that would be a bit TMI.

But as I was standing there washing what seemed like the never ending dishes today, I started to daydream about a dishwasher….

Real Dishes In An RV

……do they make small ones that would fit in a tiny house on wheels? I looked it up online. Why yes, yes they do! After a bit of searching and reading buyer reviews, I think I am pretty settled on this little beauty by Vesta:

Built-In Dishwasher

It’s designed as a built-in unit. Many RV’ers have this installed in their rigs. It’s sort of heavy though at 71 lbs. but I figure if an RV can do it, why not a tiny house on wheels, right?

Vesta Dishwasher

It holds six place settings apparently, which is more than enough for our household. We actually have just two of everything….2 forks, 2 spoons, 2 plates, etc.. No, I’m not joking.

Tiny House On Wheels Dishwasher

Now all I have to do is convince Aaron that we should have a dishwasher 😉 Do you have one in your kitchen? Do you love it, or do you hate it?