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Yes, It’s Been A While.

My last post on this site was December 1st. Holy cow! That’s a crazy long time to go without posting anything new. No, I’m not trying to ignore you all. Truly. We have been pretty busy with settling into our new apartment….why does it take forever to do that after moving? Anyway, we are, for the most part, unpacked and settled in now. We still don’t have a couch or a TV, but who needs those if you have a bed and the internet right?

Speaking about doing without certain things, we wont have the privilege of moving into the tiny house as planned. sigh. Yup, the dream crashed and burned. The simple, uncomplicated, explanation is this: the money set aside to finish the tiny house, had to be used to move. I don’t know where you live, but rent here is insane, like literally straight jacket padded room crazy. When we finally made the decision to pack up and get, one of the first rentals I looked at was our very first apartment when we relocated to Oregon over 16 years ago. Back then we paid $700. Now?….it’s over $1,400. Uh, yeah. Not gonna happen….like ever. I really don’t know how people manage the high cost of living here.

So the tiny house is up for sale. The house is so awesome that I just hate that it’s sitting here unloved and not moving forward 🙁