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Tiny House Ceiling

Aaron and I finally decided to tackle the tiny house ceiling. It’s a job we have been putting off for months now, because all the work we did had to be undone. Yep, the ceiling had to be ripped out. I don’t want to dredge up the reasons for this, so if you want to know what went down, it’s all posted here. We were so stinking annoyed and felt defeated about it, that we kept putting the job off until the sting of disappointment eased a bit. No need to tear into the ceiling whilst ticked-off right?

We wanted to be able to salvage the panels, but with ring-shanked nails, that was going to prove difficult. I purchased a hole cutter drill attachment that would cut doughnuts around the head of the nails, with the idea that we could get the panels down in one piece, and pull out the nails later….

Tiny House Ceiling

Yeah, that didn’t work. Oh the hole cutter worked great, but the panels were sooooo wedged in there, there was just no possible way to get them down without them cracking. You see, originally it took 4 people to bend each panel just to get them up into place. It was now just us two, and the panels were weakened by all the doughnut holes. Aaron still tried though….

Tiny House On Wheels Ceiling Panels

It was taking FOR.EV.ER to get one panel down, slowly inching it, shifting it, pulling it. Ugh. I was so unbelievably frustrated, so I finally said to Aaron, a bit exasperated, “At this rate, it’s going to be one panel per day (and we have 8 of them), so this is going to be an 8 day job.”

He paused for a moment considering what I said. Then the man grabbed an edge of panel, and ripped that sucker out of there. He snapped it right in half. Wood cracked loudly and insulation went flooding everywhere on the floor….

Tiny House On Wheels Ceiling Counstruction

We got 6 of the 8 panels done so far. As he put those guns to use cracking wood, I went about bagging up the fallen insulation. The only happy part of the weekend was when our neighbor Peyton the cat stopped by for a visit and hung out inside the tiny house with us as we worked….

Cat Inside A Tiny House On Wheels

Once the last two panels are down, we’ll start drilling holes for the vents and install vent baffles. Stay tuned 🙂