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Tiny House Roof Fix

In my previous post I explained the big mistake we made with the roofing. It’s been weighing on us for days, and we knew neither of us would feel okay about it until we did something to correct it. So instead of putting the job off, this past weekend we started to chip away at the problem.

Aaron climbed up onto the roof and cut the vent along the ridge….

Tiny House Roof Vent

Then we installed the ‘C-metal’ that makes the vented ridge cap work. All that insulation will eventually have to come out from the underside :(….

Tiny House Vented Roof Ridge

Then we started on the metal roof panels….

Metal Roof Panels Of A Tiny House

Aaron and I both are glad that roofing is not our full time jobs. That my dear friends is not an easy job at all! I wasn’t allowed up there with the unwieldy panels, as a natural born klutz they probably would have went crashing to the ground, with me along for the ride – it would have been like Aladdin on his carpet singing ‘A Whole New World’, but only with a horrific crash at the end. So I was the ‘muscle’ of the operation 😉 I hosted panels up, handed off tools, and held the ladder. We hope to have the tiny house roof completed next weekend, if it doesn’t rain. More photos to come!