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Building A Tiny House In Winter

It’s been a month since my last post, and what a busy month it was, which is why it’s taken me longer than usual to update the blog. September is our anniversary month, and this one was a biggie – 20 years! – we of course had to do something special. We took a trip to one of our most favorite places….Disneyland of course!….yes, we are those kind of people lol. Then it was just lots of to-do’s around here, getting the RV winter weather ready and so on. Nothing fun.

Speaking of winter, we have been in a race against the wet weather to get the outside of the tiny house finished. After weeks of what seemed like buckets of rain, today was finally dry, so Aaron and I were up at 6:45 AM and out trimming windows by 8:00 AM. This is what we were able to accomplish today….

All five windows and the utility cubby trimmed, with rain caps….

Window Trim On A Tiny House On Wheels

We were able to install the rain screen on one entire side….

Installing Rain Screen On A Tiny House On Wheels

Our neighbor stopped by, as usual, to say hello and get a belly rub….

Tuxedo Cat Tiny House

We really wanted to get more siding up today, but those cuts around the wheel wells proved a bit tricky and took up a lot of time. The sun was setting, it was getting a bit chilly, and we were both tired and hungry for dinner, so this is about all we were able to install before calling it a day….

Lap Siding On A Tiny House

After a long day of climbing up and down ladders, running the chop saw (yes, I actually worked up the courage to cut wood with it) I was so happy to finally take a shower, put on my pj’s, and cook some yummy fish tacos and a big salad, and now, I’m off to bed….gotta get ready for another long Tiny House work day. Stop by again for more photos! 🙂