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The Tiny House On Wheels Project

It’s been a week since I posted an update on our tiny house on wheels project. As we have jobs and other responsibilities, we have been trying to chip away at the tiny house here and there, whenever we have any spare moment really.

Since last I posted we hit a bit of a stressful snag with regards the tiny house, or rather it’s location. The owner of the property where we have been building it at are going to have some work done on their property, and hence we have to move the tiny house sooner than we had anticipated. The only place we can move it to is out in the open, and as this is the Pacific Northwest which seems to rain all-the-stink’n-time!, so with only a weeks notice, Aaron and I have been working like crazy to make the house waterproof – he even had to take a couple of days off work to get cracking on it.

Within 3 days, the two of us accomplished what seemed like the impossible….

We finished the last of the ceiling panels. Boy-o-boy was that tough!Ā Trying to fit those panels up there was a nightmare. I’d have to say, that this, so far, was the hardest part of the entire build! Truly. Each panel refused to oblige us. We had to use brute force to bend and twist the wood till almost breaking to get them up there.

Tiny House Plywood Ceiling

Once the inside ceiling panels were done, we could insulate and cap it with the roof sheathing. This part was scary – hauling 4’x8′ sheets of plywood up a ladder. I had visions (nightmares) of one of these sliding off and decapitating someone before it could be fastened down. Blah.

Tiny House On Wheels Roof

We got the Tyvek house wrap on….

Tyvek On A Tiny House On Wheels

Tyvek House Wrap On A Tiny House On Wheels

Then Aaron and I climbed up on the roof and together we installed the drip edge flashing to protect the plywood, and then laid the roof underlayment. We went with Grace Ice & Water Shield for high temp metal roofs. This stuff is amazing, but don’t be fooled by the Youtube videos that make it look soooooo easy to install. I took us an entire day to do it, and it was infuriating to work with. I had some choice words to say while working with the stuff, but I kept them to myself šŸ˜‰ As we don’t know when we can get the actual metal roof on, this stuff can be exposed to the weather for something like 120 days….it better not take us that long to get the roof on though!

Grace Ice And Water Shield On A Tiny House On Wheels

A tiny house on wheels finally starting to look like a real house!

The first item to get installed that actually made this tiny house look like an actual house, was the front door. For so long it has looked like a wooden box on wheels, which is kind of depressing. Here it is in all of it’s sealed and flashed glory….

Front Door Of A Tiny House On Wheels

Tiny House On Wheels Door Installation

We have five windows all together: three at 2’x4′, and two at 18″x 24″. Aaron and I turned to the pros on Youtube to educate ourselves on their installation. Once again, the world of Youtube doesn’t always jive with real life. For one thing, one of the openings was framed 2″ too small, so out came theĀ reciprocating saw. Aaron had to reframe the opening. All the others went in pretty smoothly, thank goodness.

Window Installation In A Tiny House

Daylight was dwindling on the third day, not to mention the thunder, lightning and torrentialĀ downpour of rain was a bit annoying šŸ˜‰ Ā so we only had time to flash one window….

Flashing Of A Small Window In A Tiny House

It’s really different inside with doors and windows. Doesn’t sound so hollow, and I can now start imagining what it will look like once completed. Obviously we are not the tidiest of construction sites….

Shell Of A Tiny House On Wheels

We get a two day break, and then come Saturday, we have to really hit it hard as we have to move the trailer by Sunday (eek!). I can’t decide if I want to be around when the trailer is moved. Part of me wants to be there to make sure it’s done slowly and safely. The other part of me, the one with the vivid imagination that keeps envisioning the trailer tipping over on a curve, wants to go into town to do some window shopping just so that I don’t have to be there to witness any destruction. What to do, what to do?? My stomach turns every time I try to decide, so in the words ofĀ Scarlett O’hara: “I can’t think about this now. I’ll think about it tomorrow”. Ā šŸ˜‰

Want to see where it all started? You can read about the first day of construction here: Day 1