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Covering Up Plug-In Sconce Cords

Our apartment may boast a number of truly awesome features, such as the extra large bathroom, high ceilings, and even the easy care flooring. However, every lollipop has a fuzzy side….what? you’ve never heard the saying ‘getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop’? Thank you Marilyn Monroe for that 😉 ……..I digress. The point is, our apartment falls seriously short on lighting. Around here there are some really odd locations for lighting, to none at all in some rooms – who has a dining room with NO lighting and not even any electrical outlets to hang one? We do. But let’s move on from the dining room.

We wanted bedside reading lights, but my unnatural hatred of table lamps forced us into the realm of wall sconces. We needed something small, simple to install and non-hardwired, which means plug-ins. I found these beauties at World Market recently:

Vintage Industrial Wall Sconce From World Market

I liked the vintage industrial vibe they have going on, and they fit the requirements of small, easy installation and not too hard on the pocketbook. Win-win! But….then there was the dreaded cords. Nice black lines bisecting the light colored walls. No matter how I tried to convince myself that ‘Hey, that’s the nature of plug-ins, learn to deal with it!’, my eyes were forever drawn to them the second I entered the room. I thought of all sorts of ideas on how to camouflage them, cover them with cloth, on and on. Then the light-bulb moment: just put a photo frame over them and call it good. Easy peasy:

Bedside Wall Sconces


I found the rustic looking frames at Michael’s Craft Store, called Belmont by Studio Decor, they have a faux wood grain, and the best part is they already came with the mats. I had Aaron print two photos from our recent Wyoming Photography Trip….one of the many benefits of being married to a photographer 😉 One is a print of the Grand Teton mountain range, and the other is of  draft horses, a personal favorite of mine. Okay, so the cords are not totally laying flat and straight, but they are still sort of new and haven’t relaxed yet. The frames cover most of the cord, with the on/off switch just below. Now when I walk into the room, I see these beautiful photographs and not fat black cords hanging down the wall 🙂

Wall Sconces From World Market

I had Aaron print off this larger photograph from his shop as well while he was at it, and I hung it on the side wall above the dresser (sorry about the glare, I’m obviously NOT the photographer in the family lol):

Fine Art Print From Vivid Voyage Photos On Etsy