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Adventures In Doing Laundry In An RV

When we sold our home, and planned for nearly two years for a move to France, it never crossed my mind that we would end up sort of stuck here in this temporary rv home that is the ‘beast’. So it goes without saying that I hadn’t really planned out how to accomplish simple tasks like getting laundry cleaned. Our old 120 volt washer was on it’s last leg, and we truly thought we would be cruising farmer markets in Loire Valley in France by now with no need to figure out how to hook up the washer in an RV with no hookups.

Boy were we wrong.

We are asked quite frequently by family and friends ‘just how do you get laundry done in an RV?’….with a little bit of ingenuity, and a whole lot of inconvenience, and I might as well throw in some “oh crud!” if I’m going to be really honest here.

The beast has 30 amp power, so that means that your regular ole Maytag washer and dryer will absolutely NOT work in here as they are 220/240 volts. However a 120volt will. But the bigger hurdle is no actual waterlines to hook up to. So this is what we did to get around that hiccup….

First we got a number of water fill hoses (black) and drain hoses (white) and attached them end to end to be able to reach from the sink in the kitchen all the way to the washer in the RV garage. The stove top grill helped hold the hoses atop the counter so they wouldn’t slip off….

Washer Hook up At Sink In An RV

We feed the hoses through a chair to keep them off the floor and help direct them out the door into the garage….

DIY Washer In RV

The washer and dryer in all their tiny glory….

Washer In RV With No Hook Ups

We, at first, had the dryer vent into a 5 gallon bucket with water (to catch the lint), and cut a hole into the side of the bucket and aimed it at the window, hoping the air would suck it out….didn’t really work out that way. Eventually we attached more foil vent hose to the hole in the bucket and stretched the other end to the window. It worked, sort of. The room still got crazy humid. Aaron finally took a leap of faith and cut a hole in the RV and installed a real dryer vent. No more feeling like the tropics when doing laundry! 🙂

RV Dryer Venting Problems

When wash is done, that is a whole lot of hose to find a place for, so we put up some hooks to sort of hang them along the garage wall….

Washing Clothes In An RV

DIY rv washing machine

So there you have it. Not easy, not at all fun, but it get’s the job done. Well, it used to get the job done….freezing cold weather has put more than a damper on our washing set-up, it has stopped it entirely. We have come up with a better way, which I’ll share next time.