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First Piece Of Art For The Tiny House

Okay, so I know that we don’t even have siding up yet, let alone interior walls, but once in a while there are those moments when you see for example a piece of furniture, paint color, or in this case a piece of art, and can totally envision it in the new space. I was recently cruising Etsy for New Orleans themed art for our tiny house on wheels, kind of making a wish-list of sorts, with no intention of purchasing anything….but then, I came across these amazing Fleurs-de-Lis….

Art For A Tiny House On Wheels

The shop, Woodenaht, crafts these beauties from reclaimed salvaged wood, some from old houses in Pennsylvania. Pretty awesome right?

I inquired about custom colors, wanting something that would match the tones that we have planned for the tiny house, that of sage green and a pale aqua blue. Alex at Woodenaht did an amazing job ( I might have squealed with excitement when I unwrapped it today, not that I’d ever admit to it) – here is my first piece of wall art for our new home….

Wooden Fleur de lis

Love it! Just what I was looking for. Of course I had Aaron take a snap of it on the tiny house….

Fleur de lis Tiny House

It will eventually be hung in the entryway, one of the first things one sees when entering our home 🙂